MDS Alliance Webinar Translation Project

The MDS Alliance has translated a few patient-centric webinars.

Three webinars, which were kindly gifted by the MDS Foundation, have been translated using subtitles into nine languages:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Hindi
  • Turkish
  • Greek
  • Serbian
  • Polish
  • German

The translated webinars are now available to watch on the MDS Alliance website and can be found here.

To select the language, click the setting icon (a little cog – see image below) and there is a subtitle option where you can choose your language.

The videos available to watch are:

  1. What is MDS and how do we determine prognosis?
    This webinar provides an overview of MDS and how prognosis is determined, focusing on the MDS subtypes and disease process of MDS. Understanding the diagnosis of MDS, and the details about the various approaches to treatment, and answers to common questions are discussed.
  2. Treatment of high-risk MDS and the Indication for Stem Cell Transplant
    This webinar provides an overview, summarizing changes in the treatment landscape for patients with low-risk MDS. The concerns of patients with low-risk MDS and their caregivers are addressed.
  3. Low-Risk MDS: can we prevent progression?
    This webinar provides an overview of high-risk MDS, secondary AML, and indication for stem cell transplant, focusing on strategies for patient management. Risk assessment, treatment options, as well as resources for patients and caregivers are discussed.

The MDS Alliance would like to thank Bristol Myers Squibb for providing the funding for the translation of subtitles for this project and hope the translation of these webinars will support the unmet need to develop resources in languages where there are currently limited resources available, as well as in languages which will benefit a large number of MDS patients and caregivers.