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MDS World Awareness Day – October 25, 2016

We're here to help! Join us on October 25th 2016 to raise awareness about Myelodysplasia. (Video length 1:16)

Tammy de Gelder

Iron Overload (Video length 28:59)

Daniela Fierini

Nutrition (Video length 27:42)

Dr. Jeff Lipton

Post Bone Marrow Transplant Issues (Video length 7:30)

Dr. Jeff Lipton

Bone Marrow Transplant Issues (Video length 58:02)

Dr. Christopher Patriquin

Aplastic Anemia & PNH: Treatments and New Developments (Video length 37:20)

Dr. Karen Yee

MDS Treatments & New Developments (Video length 27:55)

Dr Michael Barnett 1335

Transplantation in the Management of AA, MDA and PNH (Video length 30:36)

GlobalMaritimesClip October24

Global News Clip reporting Patient Education Day in the Maritimes (Video length 1:40)

Exjade Video

(Video length 3:37)

Dr Michael Barnett 1300

Transfusion Related Iron Overload in Bone Marrow Failure (Video length 35:24)

Dr Tom Nevill 0930

Severe Aplastic Anemia (Video length: 46:56)