Canada’s 1st National Pharmacare Plan – webinars and survey information from Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders

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Getting It Right for Patients
Canada’s 1st National Pharmacare Plan


One of the most important items in this year’s federal election will be Canada’s First National Pharmacare Plan. After a year of consultations, the Canadian public has learned some of the key elements in the proposed plan. The promises are appealing but, as they say, « the devil is in the details ». Over the next weeks and months leading up to the election, the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders and the Consumer Advocare Network will host a number of webinars and implement a number of surveys to engage patients and the public on some of the important “details” they want to see— or absolutely not see— in a National Pharmacare Plan. We hope that all stakeholders will take part.

Please take a few minutes (about 5 – 7) to answer our first survey on Developing a National Formulary (Drug List). It will take only about 5 to 7 minutes to complete. And stay tuned for our first Webinar to be held last week of June.

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